Your safety is top of our priority. While on board the ship, you need to keep these safety tips in mind to ensure that you’ll be safe and well on your trip!

Cruising in South Africa can be fun and exciting, but it still poses danger, especially with the unpredictable water. The best way for you to enjoy your trip is to ensure that you follow the safety tips that our experts have provided below and keep them in mind at all times while you are on board. 

Keep your lifevest on

For those who don’t know how to swim, this is an important step. Never remove your lifevest unless you are already being guided to the shore. You should also make sure that your lifevest is tight enough or fitted on you just so you wouldn’t slip from it in case you ever needed it. 

Have your phone in a waterproof case 

Make sure that your phone is with you and inside a waterproof case just so you’ll have a way of communicating with people in case you face any accident during the trip. 

Have a friend or two 

Being surrounded by friends during a trip can make you feel safer and happier. Make sure to keep a buddy system so that none of you would be left behind or that each of you is safe. A friend who knows how to swim would also be a nice addition, especially if you don’t know how to. 

Do not overdo it with the alcohol

Here at Spirit of Durban in South Africa, we allow our guests to bring their own drinks and snacks. However, we recommend keeping yourself sober for the cruise and simply enjoying the view. If you’ll have alcohol, we advise you not to overdo it since it can be dangerous for you as well as everyone else on the ship with you. 

Keep all your belongings in the designated compartment 

We have a designated compartment in our boats where you can keep your important belongings that couldn’t get wet. Keeping them here will protect them from the water as well as from falling off the boat. 

Don’t look too far into the water 

The sea indeed has a beautiful look, however, we shall keep you from looking too close since you might fall off the edge of the boat. Keep your hands on the railings and get in a position you are comfortable with when the boat is moving. Avoid standing to prevent falling down or off the boat. 

Pay attention to the drill 

The skipper along with our other crews will give you a few guidelines to follow before you board the boat. We highly suggest listening to the briefing to ensure that you know what to do in case an accident occurs in the sea. 

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