Spirit of Durban: Frequently asked questions

If this is your first time cruising in South Africa, then we are sure that you have a lot of questions that you would like to ask us right here at Spirit of Durban. We are happy to entertain every single one of them and provide you with the answers you need. 

Check out our list of frequently asked questions below and see what our other customers ask before they board our boat. 

Can I board as a walk-in guest? 

No, we only accept bookings for our boats since it would take time for us to prepare the boats for the trip. A walk-in guest is only allowed if there are any cancellations or if there is an available boat at the moment with no further bookings. Even then, the crew will still take time to prepare and arrange the needed tools to make your ride as comfortable and fun as possible. 

How do I book a cruise? 

You can book by contacting us right here on our website or calling us from our provided contact information. You may also reach us through our social media accounts and send us the details of your trip, the boat that you want to book, how many hours you want and what time of day you would be cruising with us. Your name and contact information are also required. 

Please bring an ID once you are ready to board our boat for safety measures as well as to ensure that every piece of equipment would be returned. 

Won’t we crash into the large container ships? 

No, the route of the container ships is different from what we take in the cruise ship harbour. Here, you will only find other small boats enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the city in South Africa.

Can I book a whole boat for just two? 

Yes, we have different offers and one of them includes a romantic getaway trip where we will take you and your other half across the most romantic spots in the harbour. 

Am I allowed to bring alcohol on board? 

Yes, you are allowed to bring any food and drink that you want. However, we discourage drinking too much beyond your limit while on board since this can potentially harm you and the other passengers. Keep your consumption to a minimum and avoid getting drunk in the boat. 

Is it okay to cancel a booking?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel a booking one week before your actual event. However, if it is on the same day, you would have to pay the fee in full even if you will not board the boat. To know more about our cancellation policy, you may talk to our staff or send us a message.

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